Gmail Signature Frustrations

I’m sure you’ve been there. You hit reply in your Gmail inbox, type a quick response, and hit send. Then the heel of your hand smacks into your forehead for the usual “Doh!” You forgot to move your signature from below the quoted text to where it belongs — just below your response.

After a few responses back and forth, you find that the bottom of your email thread is decorated with a staircase of 3, 4… who knows how many more instances of your signature. How annoying!

Today, while again wondering why Google lets this baffling behavior persist, I became convinced that someone must have solved this problem by now. A quick search, and I immediately found the solution.

Get it Done

Go to Gmail Settings to Add Signature Tweaks

Google Labs released “Signature Tweaks” — apparently more than 5 years ago. (Why is this still in Labs, and not part of core Gmail, I have no idea.)

  1. Go to your Gmail Settings, and click the link for Labs.
  2. Do a quick search. I only had to type 3 letters — “sig” — to find what I wanted.
  3. When you see Signature Tweaks, click Enable. Save Changes.

Add Signature Tweaks to Gmail to add Signature at TOP of reply

That is IT. From this point on, your signature will appear above the quoted text when you reply. Phew.