Medical Practice Websites: Spotlight by Positive Element

Industry Spotlight: Medical Practice Websites

Medical practice websites are multi-functional marketing powerhouses. They serve as a resource for new patients preparing for a visit, and simultaneously as a marketing tool, establishing the brand and attracting new patients.

For new and existing patients, Positive Element’s medical practice websites try to present information to help the patient prep for their visit to the office. Things like hours, directions and new patient forms are essential.

For prospective patients, we it takes a little more consideration. We ask ourselves: What does the patient need to find on the site in order to feel good about selecting the practice above all others? This will vary for each practice, and of course different people have different fundamental needs. It’s finding the intersection between the particular practice and the right patient that ensures the ideal match.

Common Features in Medical Practice Websites


  • New patient forms
  • Practice hours, address, phone #
  • Link to patient portal
  • Request Appointment Link


  • About the practitioners
  • Services
  • What makes the practice different
  • Press Coverage / Awards
  • Blog