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Industry Spotlight: Author Websites

Author websites have always been my favorite type of web design project. A few years back I had quite a niche developing custom websites for authors. As a creative person who loves words as much as visuals, I adore the experience of getting to know the writers through the process of collaborating with them on design and strategy, and helping to promote their work.

I spent the past few years as product manager at FanSided, a network of ~300 websites, where I had the privilege of creating and enhancing content publishing tools for thousands of writers.

With all of those experiences, I have a solid foundation to apply to the development of any writer’s website and admin requirements. This means that that going into a new author website design project, we can focus on what’s unique about this particular author’s audience, and create something that truly appeals and succeeds.

Author Website Examples

Grant Jarrett
Dr. Mark Mckee

Author Websites: Common Features

Front Page

  • Latest Book
  • Reviews of Latest
  • Purchase
  • Recent Blog Post(s)

More Author Website Content

  • Author Bio
  • All Books
  • Blog
  • Writing Tips
  • Press Coverage
  • Events / Book Tour

Ways to Connect

  • Social Media
  • Email Subscription
  • Premium Club